From Here On Out

by Hemmy Hemmerich

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released January 1, 2018

All songs written and arranged by Hemmy Hemmerich.
Guitars, vocals and percussion by Hemmy Hemmerich
Genevieve Chasty sings on 'Roadside Crucifixes'.
Tracked, mixed and mastered by Levi Parkas at Levi's in Bloomfield, NJ from July-November 2017

Art by Hemmy.


all rights reserved



Hemmy Hemmerich Andover Township, New Jersey

Singer-songwriter living in a bus

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Track Name: Econoline
Nights like tonight I need to remind my heart and my brain why we're playing this game. Why we do our best to help the folks that need it the most. Why all of the heartache that runs from the head to the toes is worth all of the self. Sacrifice the creature comforts, hell you still have purpose. Motivate and love thyself and self inspect. Just keep doing your best through all of this loneliness.
Nights like this when im free and alone. Where i have no home but im free to roam, this econoline bumps out the words from my past. From those anarcho days to that shoegaze phase or those times where I only cared about this ego- where I sniffed drugs and ate bugs riding that bike through the streets of savannah. Where I cared only for myself, since then ive put that ego on a shelf and realized this world isnt only for me, for my greed, for that chance to be something seen as greatness.
No, it's a world where we can all be great, we can help one another motivate, appreciate- the simple pleasures. While i'm rolling in a van 1000 miles from the land that I love but struggle to truly appreciate. Loneliness next to forgetfulness, best recognize all the love in your life and the pain and strife it took you to get to where you're really vibing with this life you once feared
Track Name: Maintaining Balance
The pendulum swings on and on. No mercy for the wicked on its way back around. Take my word, bid anger goodbye. Take care of yourself and the folks in your life.
The balance is, was, and always will be. So project all that love. Love your family.
I've been bitter, yeah, ive been down right bad. I've taken for granted all of the good that i've had. That love and that health, all this air that I breath- man, ive thrown it all away in moments that I was weak.
In time of fear, in time of hate; I quickly became a runaway. Well it all came back around. All of those bridges I'd burned had footings deep in the ground. It's now that I see that every word that we speak, all of these humans we meet, these choices we make well excuse the mistakes. It comes back around.
Track Name: Peace On The Horizon
She deserves the world but he can not provide. He's got all of this love to give but for now this is goodbye. Though they want for the same, there's been this familiar taste and they both need to be on their own now.
Both hands are on the wheel. Headed from another divide. The gap is growing further. Just glad to be alive. Now they're rolling on to a better day.
Been racking that brain for the sake of her heart. Been wanting to let her go freely. Two birds in a cage, One now home to roost. The other has got to be leaving. For it was a beautiful moment in time. Love laid warmth next to that paradigm. Dont you know you're still whole? Dont you know?
What we can hope for is a bright outcome from the choices that we make. For that fire in the heart for the electric in the brain. For the love that she has and for working through the pain. If you're pushing too hard you gotta give it all a rest. If you're not giving it your all at least you're trying to do your best.
Track Name: Roadside Crucifixes
roadside crucifixes, marked shrines to the dead. Rolling down the road got a million miles in your head. You're faced with a decision, that old fork in the road. Switchback after switchback, theres no outlet or so youre told.
Goodbye to the fire. Goodbye to the rain. Goodbye to the scent. Goodbye to the taste.
Those roles through which you'd shifted, were never worth their toll. You'd been gasping all the way down, that air had finally reached your soul.
Shed light as you fade in to the evening sky. Let the birds lead you in to the night. When you get to where youre going, youll be alright. There is love. There is peace. you'll be alright. when you get to where youre going that sun will shine.
Goodbye to the fire. Goodbye to the rain. Goodbye to the matter. Goodbye to the taste. So long to the vision. So long without a trace. Down that dirt road. That final stop, where you'll find home.
roadside crucifixes, marked shrines to the dead. Rolling down the road got a million miles in your head. You're faced with a decision, that old fork in the road. Switchback after switchback, theres no outlet man, youre home.
Track Name: Free Hugs
I've been trying to tell these humans that we're all the same being. But these boxes that they're staring at argue what im saying. No rest for the press, pumping out that hopelessness, emotionless, fear picked fresh.
These times are a-changing, we're bringing hope back to life, puff the medicine, send out that hope on the vibe. Well im out and I roll, i can see how it goes. Up these native roots, they cant take this soul.
Change has to start somewhere. This is a call to open arms, together we can go heart to heart. Forgive ourselves but never forget what man can become.
Seeing is believing but vibing is conceiving must manifest the rest of this hopelessness spread love on the fires of hate and test the waters of this current time and place, open this space let love infest where you let hate.
There's this dream that I have of a fulfilling life. In this dream we're all connected, love like the divine. The trees they grow like 1000 feet high and the water that we drink aint got no pesticides. There is fruit for trade, no high fructose syrup. We all protect this hive and live in harmony, no worry or fear of people harming me, a fair economy, just a laugh at the memory of the monotony and all of those promised things, that they were sure would be the next best thing to make us forget.
This system is a trap, it's killing us all. Not just the people but life as a whole. Question the roots of logic. We must preserver. Back to the wall, get sick of fucking living in fear. We've infested this planet, time to invest in this planet, we eat sleep and breath all life on this planet. Up the resistance, know that you are significant. Let's be the kids that bring hope back to life.
Track Name: Faint of Heart
Frightened child in the sky, nestled in sweet lullabies. The hands that feed are warm at night. Better mind your appetite. That fire burning in your eyes. A safer world that I might like. Chances are you wont be denied, the backlash of your paradise.
This life is not for the faint of heart.
You've been running around in circles. A lousy sense of purpose. No dreams in mind except the kind where the people are spread further. Imagination from the TV screen. More wonderful conditioning. The status quo has got to go, is anybody listening?
There's more to life beyond those walls.
Wool pulled over bloodshot eyes. Middle class writing your alibis. Your dreams of tainted dominance. An utter lack of tolerance. From time to time your find yourself sifting through your conscience. A life of time in divide from people that share the same prominence? Love is all, it's left behind. In a world of greed, there's sacrifice. The people starve and you dont care. There's enough for all now lets be fair.
Track Name: One Door Closes
It seems it's true what they say, if you love something you gotta give it away. Well these trees are in full season. These flowers are blooming and I am cruising toward a fresh cracked open door.
I'm headed back north to the garden state. To spread that love. I'm on my way.
Now i can breath. I'll be ready for love when my time comes back around. All of this care in my heart, ready for a fresh start back north in the promised land. Been out here been blowing smoke. From time to time I'd lost sight of hope. Cant let the world hold me down. Strapped up these boots and I hit the ground.
I said i've taken for granted all of these seeds I'd planted. Now, its time to let them grow.
Track Name: Hemp Giraffe
I was born a blue collar boy, 26 years ago, before the turn of the century. What a time to be alive. What a time to love your live and be whole. Patiently at the threshold of chaos. I hear a rustling in the distance. Its that courage, its that wisdom. They're coming to me. What am I waiting for? I've got this long walk ahead of me. That path is paved in everything from missed meals to love loss.
Its a long long walk from where you are you where you have to go.
I've been taking on all of this danger. Been spanging for all of my neighbors. Give this love, remaining grateful, a long road. Been feeding off the bottom. The only fuel I had to start up was the love inside this garden, a long road. I'm still fighting the pain each day. Still this love must cast its ray. Let that love outshine that pain, a long road.
I'm alive at 26 years old, been making my way down this old road. On foot or in van, i've come to understand that this path is mine, choose love, be kind along this old road.
Track Name: Sacrifice
With a handful of hearts and a fistful of tries with each lonely mile so sick of saying goodbye. The risk keeps us young, the road keeps us tired. Love arm and arm with fleeting desire. For now, all we can do is
Hold on brother bear, stay strong in your fight. The future is ours and we'll make it alright.
These dreams are worth fighting. These dreams will provide. Intentions are pure and you've put forth the time. Cared for your craft and dreamed through the night. It may take all your will and leave you sad sick and broke but resilience is a virtue and you've still got hope.
Hold on brother bear, stay strong in your fight. The future is ours and we'll make it alright.
Sitting at the corner of poverty and sacrifice. How nice is this life when it all pays off? How fulfilled will we be when we turn that next street and we can sing love songs and live comfortably?
Dont forget where you're headed keep in mind where you've been. Til these street lights come on, you wont be called home again. For it's only now noon, maybe you stayed up all night. Maybe your peers finished their meals before you took your first bite. It was darkest before dawn now you've seen the light. There's damn near a lifetime til you call it a night
Track Name: Running in Circles
A chill down your spine and an unhelpful urge to improve; but the weight of those bricks just wont come up off your chest. Another moment when you're sitting all alone but dont have the courage to take this life and own it. When you just want out, well you're sinking deeper in that doubt and your brain is in a chokehold. Now you're sinking deeper, youre sinking deeper.
Round and round we go feeling like there is no hope. I've been writing this song for a decade. With time comes growth.
You're hoping that you can steal a glance so you fight to break free from all of the guilt and all the suffering, soon you take to the streets. Now you're on the run for that ego is strong. You try to breath life in but its tainted again. Soon you're sick, soon youre sick and alone, hundreds of miles from a home that you used to love but now you dont even know.
Round and round we go feeling like there is no hope. I've been writing this song for a decade. With time comes growth.
Have you been here before? Because you know how it goes. You stack it all up just push it over.Some days it changes. In time with a change of heart. Your world rearranged. Sir can you spare some change? Living like you no longer have a thing to prove.

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